It was over twenty years ago, that I designed and made my first celebration cake.

I have always enjoyed baking and cooking, although cake decorating took on a whole new meaning and a new found love.  


Whilst working for many years in the corporate world, I continued to nurture my cake craft.  I learnt modern baking, cake decorating and flower and sugar art through courses run by well known cake artists.  After becoming a mother, I realised how important it was to work in something I was most passionate about and to therefore pursue my dream of working as a cake artist.   And so, in 2012, Michelle Arbel Cakes was born! 


Each day is filled with excitement, passion and anticipation as I use my creativity and skills to design beautiful custom made cakes.  I believe a cake should be as delicious as it is beautiful.  My perfectionism and passion is evident in each cake and dessert I create and, best of all, ultimately bringing smiles to many.


I’d love to be part of your next celebration.


xx Michelle

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