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Cake Pops are delightful bites of cake on a stick!

Cake Pops are a fantastic and decorative addition to any celebration, easy to eat, no mess and delicious.

They make great gifts and are fabulous as wedding favours.  You could also add an edible photo image to your cake pop or cake popsicle.


Cake Pops & Popsicles can be made in any of the flavours we offer for our cakes. If you have a flavour not listed here, just let us know. 

Cake Pops – from $4.50

Cakesicles – from $6

A minimum order of 20 Cake Pops/Popsicles applies. 

Gold Cake Pops
Princess Cake Pops
Frozen Cake Pops
White Cake Pops
Batman Cake Pops
Cake Pops Gift Box
Cake Popsicles
Bee Cake Popsicles
Teddy Bear Cake Pop
White Large Flower Cake Pop
White Cake Pop
Snowman Cake Pops
Santa Cake Pops
Pudding Cake Pops
Christms Stocking Cake Pops
Christmas Tree Cake Pops
Christmas Cake Pops
Christmas Cake Pops.
Chimney Cake Pops
Bauble Cake Pops
Black and White Cake Pop
Apples & Honey Cake Pops
Pink Glitter Cake Pop
Silver and Purple Cake Pop
Red Heart Cake Pop
Pink Cupcake Cake Pop
Pink Butterfly Cake Pop
Baby Shower Cake Pop
Lego Cake Pops
Paint Cake Pop
Beach Ball Cake Pop
Doughnut Cake Pop
Icy Pole Cake Pop
Ice Cream Cake Pop
Green Bauble Cake Pop
ABC Cake Pop
Baby's Rattle Cake Pop
Clown Cake Pop
Blue Cake Pop
Star of David Cake Pop
Red Bauble Cake Pop
Snowman Cake Pop
Santa Cake Pop
Santa Hat Cake Pop
Christmas Wreath Cake Pops
Gingerbread House Cake Pop
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