Our delicious and stunning cookies are loved by many, and are ideal for every occasion.  Cookies also make a perfect edible gift or wedding/party favour.


We offer personalised and decorated cookies in many different shapes, and the design possibilities are endless.  

                                       Small Cookies from $3.00              Standard Cookies from $4.00



Our Do It Yourself Cookies allow you to design your own edible creation.   These make for a great party activity, or special hand written gifts.


DIY Cookies from $4.00 



Our Macarons are made with the finest of ingredients, and can be baked and filled in many different flavours.  

from $2.50 


Meringues made in any colour, and can be infused with a variety of flavours.  


from $1.50

Edible Gifts

Gifts can be personalised with edible photo images or logo, or any other decoration.  There are many beautiful boxes to choose from, and we can even personalise the boxes with printed ribbon, stickers or your logo.  The possibilities are endless.  

All of our desserts are great as gifts.  For a longer shelf life, we recommend cookies, as they will remain fresh once sealed.

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